The initial objective of this project was:

gnuOLAP is a complete OLAP GPL solution with ad-hoc queries, navigation and reporting capabilities. The server system is designed for GNU/Linux OS. Client system is platform indepedent.

Status: Architecture design.

Next step: ETL part implementation. Logo Support This Project


GNU GPL Licence:

for sure this project will have each part under GNU GPL Licence. Any comments and/or usefull work 100% GPL compatible will be included.

No COBOL problem:

I'm probably going to choose a meta-language for programming, think having only a preferred but not any required "true" language. I want to try writing the program in an independent way, so the problem to port the project in another language, because it is written in an old language for example, will not araise. I'm calling it "COBOL problem" because in the early days lots of applications were developed in COBOL and now porting all these code is a long job. And soon or later them are going to be rewriten or forgotten.

Any language risques the same, anyway there are languages much more "time resistant" then others. Think that C and Objective-C, will be etern languages as they are low level languages. Some years ago you could think Java won't never face this problem, but after Python many Java code is in the point of to be ported.

Others projects:

I took a look at BEE and Mondrian/JPivot projects.
Mondrian/JPivot are not under GPL, and they are coded in Java. Java has no production-ready GPL VM and version 2 is copyrighted.
BEE is under GPL but I dislike programming in Perl (I'm sorry). Probably one difference between the two projects will be that gnuOLAP architecture won't require to have a process on a machine to extract data from it.
But BEE will be worthwhile for gnuOLAP.

Current Activities

XML and Web Services, 2004-04-28:

use extensively XML and Web Services is also a very good architecture. Probably the client/server interfaces will be based on Web Services.

Mini-Language from OfBiz, 2004-04-27:

this part of the OfBiz project, a very well formed project, is very interesting.

MetaL, 2004-04-20:

very intesting, probably a great base.

Copyright (C) 2004 - Marco LOMBARO